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#281320 - i have this tape…. “Hey Mark, lay on your back for me” I told him, he did so, his eyes wondering what could possibly be next as I opened up my bladder, letting a torrent of hot, steamy urine arc through the air and land on his soft skin, spattering further up his body and onto the floor, he gasped as he tried to get away from it, then realized that if he did, he would have to take the punishment. Mark kept licking my long shaft for a few moments, then, as I had hoped, he started to suck on its head, I could feel his tongue racing over it, sending waves of pleasure arcing through my body as he went deeper and deeper on my itching cock, I couldn’t wait much longer, I had to blow, I picked up my pace, pumping my cock faster and faster until, with one deep thrust and a wave of pleasure, I blew my load, right in his mouth, there was no way he could avoid swallowing because I was too deep.

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