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#286754 - she was still very shy but she was able to say thank you. should of seen him wen this other dog came near me he hit him like a fright train the other dog fought but he was being tossed round! the dogs owner came out to pull his dog out and i called buck! he listened to me n stood at my side. I started to get up and said buck, I have to go home now, my mommy will be worried bout me as i got onto my knees buck mounted me i could feel his thing stabbing tween my legs! i got scared n started to scramble from under him, he bit down on my neck n every time i moved he bit! his jaw covered my whole neck! i screamed n kept trying to fight! but he kept a firm grip on me! a hard wet thing was pressing gainst my virgin flesh! I realized wot he was going to do! i screamed ! but i was soo far n the bush no 1 would here me! tears streamed down my cheeks! I settled down and let buck rape me he kept a firm grip on my neck he started to thrust and wen his hard thing broke my hymen he shoved it in

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