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#117769 - It didn't take him too long though, before he realized she wanted him to shove his penis in and out of her hole, and he certainly didn't mind doing that! Slowly at first, he started fucking her, steadily increasing his pace as he got into rhythm. Perhaps it would have been more comfortable with just wearing a pair of plain old white cotton panties, having to wear them all day, but Karen enjoyed the feeling of being sexy, and she really did like all the attention she always got while at work, sometimes bending over to grab something really important from the lowest place in filing cabinet next to her desk (something she did quite often, even if she didn't really need anything from there), showing some of her male colleagues her almost completely naked ass. What are you doing up? Now sitting in her lap, snuggling with her for a moment, making himself comfortable as his mother also held him tight, he said: I just can't sleep mommy.

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