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#111986 - I begin by going to the cabinet and getting each of them a dildo so they can practice giving blowjobs I have them kneel on the floor I have Julia walk behind them and I tell them to begin Wendy, Lisa and Linda are doing pretty good they have sucked dick before the other’s are messy and crying when I snap the whip I tell them to stop I grab the back of Amber’s head and force her mouth down on the toy she is gagging and choking. I take her to see the doctor about hand. The next girl up was Kaley she is a skinny black girl with nice tits I get a purple wand to use on her and in no time, she is cumming, but I don’t stop I force her to have another orgasm and she is screaming and crying I also make her clean the toy with her tongue.

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Cure miracle
H sslich
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That ponytail so hot couple big macs wouldnt hurt i dont think but dayum
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Loving it 3