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#375521 - My Son is the Man of the House by Mrs Walker When son Tommy gets home each night while my husband is out of town on business, our usual routine is pretty much the same. Tommy immediately says, Mom, please! I promise that I will never tell anybody! This will be a secret just between us! Please Mom! Please! I get up from the couch, point my finger at Tommy and say, I have decided to let you fuck me just once, then we will never talk about what happened today again! If you ever tell anybody about us having sex together then I will stop paying for your college tuition and new car! Tommy intently watches me as I begin unbuttoning my blouse. After a five or six minutes, Tommy suddenly says, Mom, I am going to ejaculate any second now! Should I pull out of you? I scream at him, No, the feeling of warm sperm shooting inside me triggers my orgasms! Just let it gush inside me! Suddenly, Tommy gives me one last big thrust and stops.

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