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#341836 - And the way that Gina’s stallions most enjoyed emptying their swollen, cum-filled balls was to fuck, very deep and very hard, for a long time, until they erupted, long and strong and very powerfully, for as long as they wanted to! And since there was only one deep, soft, tight, warm, juicy pussy on the farm, well, you can guess where they enjoyed emptying them… Gina entered the stables, and was greeted with a chorus of whinnying and neighing, which was her stallions’ way of saying “Hello”, and in her head was greeted by Blackie, who said “Mornin’, you gorgeous little thing you”… She blushed prettily, and her pussy began running with warm, slippery juice…she could smell the musky scent of her horses, and God! It was turning her on… And the trouble was, the stallions could smell her pussy, too…and it was turning THEM on, and making them very, VERY randy…oh dear! Since they hadn’t emptied their huge, melon-sized nuts for at least three days, from the tail end of the previous week (Gina

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