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#209927 - . Oh shut up, she said coldly, now I can see what you think of me, just as a fat old broad who you have to fuck once in awhile in trade for a nice place to stay!!! Tears began forming in his eyes, and seconds later he was crying like a two year old!!! What are you crying about, she snapped!?! I-I love you, Mistress, he sobbed, h-how could you think those bad things about me, look at my penis, isn't it always hard for you, I-I could never keep it up for someone I didn't care for!!! She looked at him with a frown on her face that slowly changed to a smile and replied softly, Okay, little panty boy, come in here and suck on mama's tits for her!!! Almost joyously he leaped into the spa, while urgently searching out one of Cassandra's big hard nipples!!! Whoa, little boy, she said gently, take it easy, that's a good panty boy, mmmmmm, good boy, suck mama's nipple for her!!! Since she was a big woman, and out weighed him by at least sixty p

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Many thanks to moonchristine for what i never could dream of seeing in my lifetime give her all the love you can get and spread the word for she is the queen of fisting
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